Efrain D. Garcia Jr. known as "Eflat" began his journey at the age of 5 years old.  At the age of 12 years old he played 8 different instruments and sang in a duet with his sister Annie.  He has toured 42 countries with the US Army Band Express Show as the Music Director for the Top 40 band.  He graduated Berkelee College of Music in Studio Music Production and produced his first solo album "Jesus Viene Otra Vez".  Eflat has worked and performed with Artists such as "Romeo Santos, Voice of Raleigh, Proverbs, C.S., A.L., Khalif Bobatoon, Boricuaboy, Tanya Brown, and more. 

The Focus of EFLAT Records is to deliver a high level of sound, ministry, and anointing through the sound waves.  The collaboration between Eflat and the Artists that are involved promises to bring a new and fresh sound to the community of the Gospel industry.  The sole purpose of all products and projects is to showcase the gift that God has blessed the Artists with and the talents that God has provided Eflat.  Eflat shares and will always emphasize a divine revelation that states: Down from heaven, Up to You!

Efrain D. Garcia Jr. is the CEO of Eflat Records.


Photographer: Dee More

Musician/Singer/Producer: Efrain "Eflat" Garcia Jr. 

Event: City of Refuge Christian Center Northern NY, 2013